Last News From October 2011

During the last weeks, a lot of things happened on my side.

Article in MISC magazine

Cover of the MISC magazine

It took me some weeks to tell it, but I've written an article for MISC Magazine. This article appears in the edition of October/November.

MISC Magazine is specialized in security and very reputated in France for his advanced articles about security. This special edition "A l'assaut du Web" is about security for the Web.

I thank Fabien Potencier for giving me the opportunity to write this article and his support for it.

This article is called "Prise en compte de la sécurité dans un framework PHP : le cas Symfony2", which means "Handling security in a PHP framework: the Symfony2 case".

It details common security problems when dealing with Web applications (SQL Injection, CSRF attack, XSS...). For each one, it explains the problem, the raw PHP solution and finally the Symfony2 approach.

So if you are french, run to your library and buy it! If you're not in France, buy it online.

Conference about Magento in some weeks

I also practice Magento on my lost hours, and I prepare a conference for PHP Tour Lille 2011. The conference is on November 25th, 2011.

This conference is in french and is called "Magento - Tests, automatisation et intégration continue". It means "Magento - Tests, automatisation and continuous integration".

It will talk about how to automate a Magento project and how to create some clean code. It will provide some samples for clearly coding with Magento. Code and slides will be published after the presentation.

PHP Selenium Library integrated in Mink

Some weeks ago, I introduced a PHP Selenium Library, in a clean PHP 5.3 code. It is now part of Mink, a library used by Behat.

For the moment it's still in the development branch, but next release of Behat will integrate the library for Selenium automation.

Website: A new section and a new theme!

If it's the first time you come to this website, you won't notice it, but before those new fresh colors, it was a monotone with big texts.

Thanks to people for being polite, but I admit that the previous theme was not very fun, and little bit boring.

I refreshed it with some new colors, and I created a new sections called Books (removed since) containing the list of books I've read. For the moment it's only a short description. Progressively, I will integrate a quick review for each one. I hope you will find some great books to read in it!