Developer coaching

As a coach, I'll provide to developers solutions for developing with performance, security, and quality in mind.

I'll provide to your development team solutions for efficient work, help them on their day-to-day work, and identify solutions to automate the development process.

Expert support

A coach is also a support for developers. As a coach, I'll offer your developers all my experience and share my knowledge to provide solutions for your development team.

Code review

With developers, I can conduct code reviews to anticipate bugs, identify optimizations, and help developers to refactor the code.

The code review can also be conducted globally on the codebase (see audit page for further details).

Tailored trainings

While it's important to deliver day-to-day solutions, a coach can also conduct individual or grouped workshops and trainings, to level up the team of a specific topic.

As a coach, I'll use all my training materials to learn to your team new skills to be more productive and efficient in their development.

See more details on trainings